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Reading list #1

Sat Apr 01 2017

My top article finds this week:

Walking through the death valley of unfinished side projects

Sun Mar 26 2017

My side project game is at its all time low. Maybe I am using unhealthy comparison with myself during college years when I did not need to care about grownup stuff. But only shipping a tiny, two page app per year is sad. Strange part is that I am still constantly hacking on side projects, nothing has changed there. Where are those projects now? Oh, right, they have been abandoned before reaching “shippable” state. After some retrospective on previously successful and failed projects I think I have found why this is happening. Continue reading...

Incrementally migrating JavaScript AMD project to TypeScript

Sat Jan 21 2017

Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) and RequireJS was my choice for Javascript code modularization for last four years. But enterprise web application I am working on is growing and it's harder and harder to manage the code base. I did some technical research and decided to migrate the project to TypeScript. Continue reading...

Hello world

Fri Jan 20 2017

My first blog post on Humble beginnings